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Started in 2015

We're a small company, but that limits outside factors and ensures quality and craftmanship over mass production. 

Every item is hand crafted with ethically sourced hardwoods, exotics, reclaimed and recycled wood.

Products and services are all customer driven so build times will vary. The customer and their satisfaction in our products is what drives our company and success.

Customer Driven
Carpentry Styles

Projects are built one at a time. Attention to detail is important, especially in wood working, so when it comes to your dream build or project, rest assured it has our fullest attention and care.

Rough framing for additions and decks


Finish carpentry for millwork, base boards and crown molding


Japanese joinery for furniture and fine wood working such as humidors, jewelry boxes, etc.

Timber framing for those structural beams and pergolas

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